The Good Health (Needle Design)


The Good Health (Needle Design) is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-COV-2 (Coronavirus).

The Covid-19 pandemic caused havoc across the world, with millions dying and more losing their jobs and livelihoods. Humans embraced the fact that preventing the infection is the better option compared to treatment. Humanity developed vaccines and governments implemented social distancing measures and mandatory face masks and hand sanitizers to stop the spread. This whole approach regarding prevention reminded the designer of the old Arabic proverb "درهم وقاية خير من قنطار علاج".

The Arabic calligraphy writing "درهم وقاية خير من قنطار علاج" is the literal translation of "One penny of prevention is better than a wealth of treatment." This is a metaphor of how much lives and resources are saved by preventing a problem rather than waiting for it to happen then trying to fix it. 

Arabic writing is usually viewed with suspicion and fear as many people associate it unjustifiably with terrorism. Thus, through showing the beauty of Arabic writing and Arabic calligraphy via printing it on hippie T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, canvas, tote cotton bags, and mouse pads; we hope to change the perception of Arabic writing towards admiration and appreciation.