The Voyager (Camel Design)


The Voyager (Camel Design) is inspired by the endless journeys humans take physically, spiritually, and intellectually, either voluntarily or forcefully.

Life is a voyage in itself on many levels. Many people who can afford to travel chose to to explore the world to find themselves and experience different cultures. On the other hand, refugees, like the owner of Levant 2 Australia, had to undergo this experience with no choice of their own. Regardless of how someone ends up "on the road", being on a voyage teaches people to think differently and empathise with others. It teaches them to predict the worst but hope for the best. But most importantly, it teaches voyagers to appreciate every single opportunity they have.

The Arabic calligraphy writing "سافر تجد عوضاً عمَّن تفارقهُ" was translated by meaning into "Travel to find better things", encouraging people who are facing challenges and are stagnant in their life to travel and seek new experiences as they are very likely to end up with new opportunities which they can cease.

Arabic writing is usually viewed with suspicion and fear as many people associate it unjustifiably with terrorism. Thus, through showing the beauty of Arabic writing and Arabic calligraphy via printing it on hippie T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, canvas, tote cotton bags, and mouse pads; we hope to change the perception of Arabic writing towards admiration and appreciation.