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Collection: Sweatshirts

Enjoy unique and prestigious women's and men's (unisex) Sweatshirts, decorated with elegant, Arabic calligraphy designs, custom-made for Levant 2 Australia store.
The designs include: 

(Aleppo, the White City)

(Amman, Jordan)

(Beirut, the heart of Lebanon - Cedar Design)

(Damascus, the City of Fragrance)

(Ditch Plastic! - Turtle Design)

(Homs, the City of Black Rocks)

(Ocean Spirit, Whale Design)

(Patience, Lock Design)

(Save the Bees! Conserve Biodiversity!)

(Bliss or Misery, Omar Khayyam Poetry)

(Self-Appreciation, Heart Design)

(The 31 Ways of Love)

(The Ambitious, Mountain Design)

(The Animal Lover, Cat Design)

(The Change, Time Design)

(The Educated, Book Design)

(The Emerald City, Sydney Design)

(The Environmentalist, Tree Design)

(Palestine Design)

(Don't Spoil the Soil)

(Tehran, Iran)

(The Good Health, Needle Design)

(The Justice Seeker, Revolution Design)

(The Land of the Sunset, Maghreb Design)

(The Optimistic, Sun Design)

(The Pacifist, Peace Design)

(The Peace Spreader, Flower Design)

(The Power of Love, Heart Design)

(The Ultimate Wealth Design, Dollar Sign)

(The Arab Hospitality, Coffee Pot Design)

(The Voyager, Camel Design)


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