Palestine Design

Palestine Design

The Palestine design was inspired by the never-ending perseverance of the Palestinian identity in the many faces of injustices throughout history.

Palestine is a beautiful nation with a lot of history and ever-lasting cultural influence on the Levant region. Palestine has many landmarks including Al-Aqsa Mosque, Abraham (Al-Ibrahimi) Mosque, Old City, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Nativity, Great Mosque of Gaza, Mosque of Prophet Yunus, Great Mosque of Nablus, Mar Saba Monastery, Tomb of the Prophet Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, Hisham's Palace, Underground Passages and Necropolis Under City of David, Tell Umm El'Amr, Herodium (Herod's Palace), Dome of the Chain, Milk Grotto, Mount of Temptation Monastery, The Church of St. Catherine, Sanctuary Bethlehem, Dar Zahran Heritage Building, Cave of St. Jerome, Hisham's Palace, Aida Camp, Tomb of Rachel (Kever Rachel), Star Street, Carmel of the Holy Child Jesus, Cave of the Patriarchs, The Monastery of Saint Gerassimos, Gush Etzion Heritage Centre, Jacob's Well, Zaccheus' Tree, Tel es-Sultan, Nabi Musa, The Good Samaritan Museum, Ein Prat Nature Reserve (Wadi Qelt), Mosque of Omar, Masjid-el-Khalil Mosque, Shepherd's Sanctuary, Genesis Land, Ancient Shiloh (Tel Shiloh), Cremisan Monastery, Mansour House, Campo dei Pastori, Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue, Susya - National Heritage Site, Great Mosque of Gaza, Mosque of Prophet Yunus, Great Mosque of Nablus, Al Khader Church, Churuch of St. Lazarus, Yasser Arafat Square, Balm of Gilead Farm - Biblical Agricultural Revived, Tower of David, Western Wall Tunnel, City of David, Timna Park, Walls of Jerusalem, Caesarea National Park, Qumran National Park, Ben-Gurion House, Al-Jazzar Mosque, Carda, Bethesda, Nimrod Fortress National Park, Christ Church Jerusalem, Palmach Museum, Monument of the Negev Brigade, Solomon's Pools, Bible Lands Museum, Antonia Fortress, Khirbet Kerak, Museum of Underground Prisoners, Tell Balata, The Biyar Aqueduct, St. Mary Church for Greek Orthodox, Annunciation Latin Parish, Saint Nicholas Church, Mount Eival, Beitillu Nature Reserve, Aor Hbib Synagogue, Nablus Old City, Syriac Orthodox Monastery of Saint Mark, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Mary's Tomb, Church of Saint Porphyrius, and Chapel of Saint Helena.

Influential cities of Palestine include: Al-Quds (Jerusalem), Bethlehem, Gaza, Ramallah, Al-Khalil (Hebron), Nablus, Tulkarm, Jenin, Al-Naseryyah (Nazareth), Tiberias, Akka (Acre), Haifa, Al-Khadayrah (Hadera), Netanya, Yafa, Ashdod, Rafah, Khan Yunis, BeerSheba (Be'er Sheva), Qalqilya, Bet Shemesh, Ramla, and Lod.

The Arabic calligraphy writing "فلسطين" is the Arabic Translation of "Palestine". The map used is the complete map of Palestine including the Golan Heights. The stamp is designed by Levant 2 Australia owner and symbolises the Palestinian diaspora. The background of the stamp is a Palestinian Koufiyah (type of scarf) that in itself has a lot of symbolism. The intersecting central lines represent the fishnets Palestinian people use to fish. The wavy surrounding lines, represent the agricultural practices of the people. The fist represent the struggle for justice that Palestinians have been undergoing for centauries. 

Arabic writing is usually viewed with suspicion and fear as many people associate it unjustifiably with terrorism. Thus, through showing the beauty of Arabic writing and Arabic calligraphy via printing it on hippie T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, mugs, canvas, tote cotton bags, and mouse pads; we hope to change the perception of Arabic writing towards admiration and appreciation.