The 31 Ways of Love

The 31 ways of love

The 31 Ways of Love is inspired by the endless ways of communicating love in the Arabic language.

The 31 words "ways" of love are what the author managed to find after days of research. There are definitely a lot more words.

The words in the design are:

الشهوة [Ash-Shahwa] which is the raw sexual love. Can be translated as "lust".

الغمرة [Al-Ghamra] which is the flowing movement of a stream like the flowing love emotions through the lover's vein.

الإعجاب [Al-Iejab] which is a low degree of love, more like liking someone or having a "crush" on them.

الحلم [Al-Hilm] which means the type of love that involves a high degree of caring and sympathy. Not necessarily in a romantic way.

التباريح السدم [Al-Tabareeh As-Sudom] which is a very intense degree of love, only in a romantic way.

الصبابة [As-Ssbaba] which is light love, based on sending sweet enjoyable time together, no intensity or drama.

الوله [Al-Walah] which is the immense sadness that leads to the loss of the lover's mind due to the strong emotions attached to this love.

الحب [Al-Hub] which means the standard love.

الاستكانة [Al-Istikana] which means the absolute submission to the lover in all aspects of life.

الحنين [Al-Haneen] which means nostalgia one feels to one's lover regardless whether the distance is literal or metaphorical.

الوصب [Al-Wassab] which is the ever-lasting love that never goes away.

الوجد [Al-Wujad] which is a very intense form of love.

الهوى [Al-Hawa] which means the light and tender feeling of love and joy that one feels for lovers, friends, and even objects and experiences.

الصبوة [As-Ssbwah] which is the youthful love.

الشغف [Ash-Shaghaf] which means love that is mixed with passion.

العشق [Al-Ishiq] which means admiration and adoration of a person. This is specialised for romantic love only.

النجوى [Ann-Najwa] which is the secretive love that is held with reverence and the lover choses to keep it a secret, to enjoy it for themselves.

الخبل [Al-Khabal] which is the love that corrupts the mind and leads to madness.

الكلف [Al-Kilf] which is the love that goes over the rational limit.

الشوق [Ash-Shawq] which is missing someone due to the love you have for them.

الود [Al-Wid] which is the friendly love that can be between any two people.

الخلابة [Al-Khalabah] which is the love where the lover fails to see any negative characteristics in their loved one. They become completely blinded by their love.

الولع [Al-Walaa] which is the love that creates an unbroken attachment between lovers.

العشرة [Al-Ishrah] which is the love that grows after spending a lot of time together and becoming familiar with one another.

الجوى [Al-Jawa] which is a high degree of love that causes grief.

الشجن [Ash-Shajan] which is a form of love that stimulates all the other feelings a human can feel with it.

الغرام [Al-Gharam] which is the love that causes dependency from the lover on the loved one.

الفتون [Al-Futoon] which is the love resulted from seduction and persuasion.

التتيم [At-Ttatayyum] which is the love that enslaves the heart for the loved one.

التعبد [Al-Taabud] which is one of the highest level of love, as the lover starts worshipping their loved one.

الهيام [Al-Huyam] which is the highest level of love. At this stage, the lover would have gone completely insane as their mind can no longer tolerate the love they have for their loved one.

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